Nabiev, Y. and Alkhojayev, S. and Dauletbayev, D. and Kozhakov, S. and Maxutov, R. and Chovdyrbaev, A. and Kemelov, D. and Khalmuminov, N. and Shoraev, М. and Duisekeyev, E. COMPLEX TREATMENT OF PATIENTS WITH FRACTURES OF HUMERUS. Scientific-Practical Journal of Medicine, "Vestnik KazNMU". ISSN 2524 - 0692

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Treatment of patients with fractures of the proximal humerus (FPH) of the different age groups remains an actual problem of modern traumatology and orthopedics [Минаев А.Н., 2010; Набиев Е.Н., 2012; Лазарев А.А., 2015; Lind T. et al., 2004; Machani B. et al., 2006]. According to the literature, the fractures of a like nature make up 4-5% in the structure of the fractures of bones of sceleton [Лазарев А.А., 2015; Machani B. et al., 2006], and according to some sources up to 12% [Елдзаров П.Е. и соавт., 2010; Court-Brown C.M., et al., 2008], and among the fractures of humerus – 45-80% of cases [Коломиец А.А., 2006; Батпенов Н.Д. и соавт., 2017; Russо R., 2005]. For osteosynthesis of FPH uses a lot of contractures and methods osteosynthesis, however they are not without flaws. So, extramedullary osteosynthesis by existing plates can lead to the development of rotator cuff syndrome, the migration of screws, and also the presence of aseptic necrosis of the head of the humerus [Неверов В.А. и соавт, 2006; Лазарев А.А., 2015; Wanner G.A. et al., 2003; Sporer S.M. et al., 2006]. The use of closed blocking intramedullary fixation (CBIF) is associated with appearance of rotator cuff syndrome , damage to nerve structures in the proximal and distal parts of the shoulder with screws. [Макарова С.И., 2010; Ruedi T.P. et al.; 2001; Janotti J., 2003]. External fixation devices for osteosynthesis of POPOK are rarely used due to the complexity of manipulation, the risk of damage to blood vessels and nerve structures, the development of soft tissue inflammation in the spokes [Макарова С.И., 2007; Набиев, Е.Н. 2014; Lungershausen W. et al., 2003; Martin S.D., 2005]. The method of closed repositioning of bone fragments followed by fixation with spokes does not exclude secondary dislocations of fragments, damage to the vasculature and the migration of the spokes [Панков И.О., 2002; Набиев, Е.Н. 2013; Mellado J.M. et al., 2004; Keener J.D. et al., 2007]. According to the researchers, the incidence of unsatisfactory outcomes in the operative treatment of FPH is observed in 1.6% -57.1% of cases [Лоскутов А.Е. и соавт., 2004; Janotti J., 2003].

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