ZAZULEVSKAYA, L.Y. (2013) FEATURES OF NECROTIZING GINGIVOSTOMATITIS (VINCENT DISEASE). Научно-практический журнал “Вестник КазНМУ” (3). ISSN 9965-01-300-4


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Vincent disease (necrotizing ulceratine gingivostomatitis) can be progressed itself in a variety of clinical cases like an independent disease or like a symptom of any pathological process. Clinical examples of Vincent disease`s hard passing are adducted. Necrotizing ulcerative gingivostomatitis Vincent refers to autoinfektsionnym disease caused by the representatives are opportunistic resident anaerobic flora of oral cavity: fuzobakterii, spindly fingers, spirochetes, etc. Normally, these microorganisms are found in all people with teeth present in the gingival groove, periodontal pockets of cavities and channels of teeth with caries complicated. When exposed to any adverse factors, these symbiotic microorganisms acquire pathogenic properties and cause disease. Among these factors, there are both general and local. Should be allocated from the general decline in the reactivity of microorganism against any systemic disease (eg, viral infections, deficiency diseases, autoimmune reactions, etc.), exposure to cold, stress, poor nutrition. The local predisposing factors include poor oral hygiene, difficulty eruption of wisdom teeth, the presence of any traumatic factors (the sharp edges of the teeth, dentures). In some clinical situations precipitating factor can be treated or tooth extraction, any surgery in the oral cavity. All this explains the fact that the disease often occurs in long-distance drivers, employees, submarine, and earlier met at the front-line soldiers (which gave the disease is another name is often mentioned in the literature - "trench disease").

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